Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of any device, system, platform, application, etc., which is enabled by embedded software to be connected to the web. All the industries are being altered by the IoT: in the creation of new business models, on the changes in the way organizations interact with customers, on the transformation of the way in which it perceives the value, etc.










We analyze, design and develop technologies resulting from the merger of the telecommunications and informatics, both the processes of transmission and management of digital information as well as the services and applications that rely on them.


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Ensure the traceability of their products will provide greater efficiency in their productive processes, lower costs to faults and a better service to their customers. Using RFID, we have the possibility of “find and follow the trail”, through all the stages of production, processing and distribution of a particular product.


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All processes relating to traceability bind themselves to identify the product of an unequivocal mode and then read it in each step in the involved. Through the use of encryption RFID allows you to use the labelling as the main tool of traceability and the reading of the same as the only way to get it.


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