“Things are talking… Can you hear them?… We can!”…


About Us

Our company, Internet of Things S.L, redefines the concept traceability to contribute to the realization of the industry 4.0. We are creating a family of software components vertebrates by the paradigm of the `Sentient objects’: “Sensing Assets”.

Our mission is to provide the market with a platform of services and Sensors:

  • Flexible to adapt to the needs
  • Accessible with any device, and
  • Available from any location

What we do

Internet of Things S.L. offers a modular platform and comfortable integration called SensingAssets, which relies on the state of the art of technology: Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Smart Sensors, Devices and labels of identity, authorization and Connection Multi-Modal: telephony, LAN, WiFi, satellite. The platform SensingAssets constitutes the backbone of the logistics of the twenty-first century. And the first member of the family of sentient components of Internet of Things to provide traceability, identity and security from the raw material to the final consumer.

We are accustomed to the existing solutions provide added value in only one of the required fields for the development of this concept. However, we see as critical to have a platform that integrates all the parts and technologies that the term “Internet of Things” encompasses. To cite a few: modularization, continuous integration, communication networks pervasivas, databases in memory, predictive capabilities, ecosystems of participants, monetization (marketplaces), I&or multipurpose sensors, HD cameras, security stamps, NFC and RFID technology, satellite communications…

We have the opportunity of making use of the software/hardware platform of our business ecosystem, read and interpret the information coming from the most immediate environment, managing information and data from every corner of the planet, regardless of their nature or origin.

All this allows us to offer solutions as varied as:

  • Analysis and Optimization of fleets through telematic control and intelligent vision in real time.
  • Obtaining an end-to-end traceability. Protection against illegal trade. Counterfeiting or infringement of tax regulation.
  • Control of high value goods, perishable or susceptible to atmospheric conditions – or otherwise – changing.
  • Inventory management for high accuracy and low effort using wireless technologies. Monetization of continuous property in rent.
  • Monitoring of pets and veterinary control.
  • Marking of foodstuff and pharmacist for the achievement of a policy free of errors, error elimination of existing technologies of codes and suppression of human error.